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The “Church Year”

At Ascension, we follow a liturgical calendar, sometimes called the “Church Year.”  This annual cycle invites us to enter holy time and remember that the Church has been entrusted with the meaning of all time.  With intention, the Church Year can usher us time and again into God’s great story of redemption – a redemption that is both as personal as our day-timers and as cosmic as the seasons changing.

You can be awakened to the rhythm of the Church Year by noting changes in our worship space and the liturgies that we use as we encounter God together.  For example, each season of the Church Year is characterized by symbols and colors that are reflected in the altar linens, clergy garments, and banners displayed in the church.  The order of service, music, and prayers are also designed to reflect the special focus of each liturgical season.

The Church Year is organized in movements that remember and celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ:

Entering into this cycle of worship can grow us in spiritual maturity.  The Church Year’s feast days and fast days are meant to help work the memory and anticipation of God’s saving acts into our soul, to bring us – in the fullness of time – to our full stature in Christ.

“The world does not know the meaning of its own history, but the church does.  Through the discipline of the Christian year, the church proclaims the meaning of time and of the history of the world.”

– Robert Webber, Ancient-Future Time


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