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Women’s Encouragement Group recordings – “Revelation”

Come and Join our ladies as they study the Book of Revelation.

Study takes place Thursday mornings beginning at 9:30 in the Parish Hall, If you can not make it, please see the latest recording below (Teachings are often in two parts as this platform can not present audio media longer than 60 minutes)

Thursday, August 31st – Mrs. Pat Perry

Thursday, September 7th Teaching 2A

Thursday, September 7th Teaching 2B

Thursday, September 21, Teaching 4a

Thursday, September 21, Teaching 4b

Thursday, September 28, Teaching 5A

Thursday, September 28, Teaching 5B

Thursday, October 5, Teaching 6A

Thursday, October 5, Teaching 6B

Thursday, October 12, Teaching 7A

Thursday, October 12, Teaching 7B

Thursday, October 19, Teaching 8A

Thursday, October 19, Teaching 8B

Thursday, October 26, Teaching 9A

Thursday, October 26, Teaching 9B

Thursday, November 2, Teaching 10A

Thursday, November 2, Teaching 10B

Thursday, November 9, Teaching 11A

Thursday, November 9, Teaching 11B

Thursday, November 16, Teaching 12A

Thursday, November 16, Teaching 12B

Thursday, November 30, Teaching 13A

Thursday, November 30, Teaching 13B

Thursday, December 7, Teaching 14A

Thursday, December 7, Teaching 14B


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